Hazardous Materials Module

This module handles safety data sheets (SDS), ADR sentences, printing of labels and SEVESO related tasks. The module can also manage your hazardous material inventory.




How does the Hazardous Materials Module work?

The software is suited for recording and handling the basic data of chemical substances. From the chemical registration Material Safety Data Sheet, chemical label and ADR instruction can be created.

The module supports the classification of chemicals according to the CLP/GHS Regulation.

>         Register of chemical agents and mixtures

>         Register of following chemical information

Related services

The installation of the software is connected with theoretical and practical training.

Continuous support is provided in order to manage the problems which may occur during the use of the software, as well as for satisfying the demands for development.


>         Classification according to the CLP/GHS Regulation

>         MSDS, chemical labels could be stored and retrieved

>         The module supports the chemical risk assessment

>         SEVESO related tasks management

>         Transportation for hazardous material transportation (ADR)


1. Recording data from MSDS

According to the REACH regulation, all MSDS has 16 different section.

In the module, there are also 16 different menupoint, where you record the appropriate data
















There are 4 types of recording fields.

– Drop-down List

– Text line

– Popup list

– Checkbox


Examples for the recording fields:

1.0 Basic data

basic data


1.2 Hazards identification



1.9 Physical and chemical properties



1.14 Transport information



2. After we recorded all important data (built up the database), functions will be available.




2.2 Label printing

Labels can be printed, queries and other summaries can be created




2.4 Safety Handling Information



2.10 Chemical Risk Assessment